Full Spectrum CBD Massage

Why Use CBD During A Therapeutic Massage Session?

I'm sure you've heard CBD being used in all sorts of ways, and used for many different reasons. Seizures, mood and neurological disorders, just to name a few. Studies have shown that CBD is healing for common skin conditions (from wrinkles to eczema). However, when CBD is applied directly to the skin where muscles are in pain, it is absorbed immediately into the cannabinoid receptors in your skin, and can provide immediate relief.

So really, it seems like a no brain-er to include CBD in with a therapeutic massage!

What is Full Spectrum CBD oil?

When choosing a CBD oil, consider going Full Spectrum. As you know, CBD is a cannabinoid. However, it is just ONE cannabinoid that makes up the cannabis plant. There are many cannabinoids. So many in fact, we do not know the exact number, because we are still discovering them! Full Spectrum oil, simply put, is about 90% CBD, but contains the "full spectrum" of cannabinoids of the cannabis plant. Using this full spectrum of cannabinoids, together, is a great way to maximize the therapeutic effects of this plant.

When doing CBD massage therapy I promise to always use the highest of quality full spectrum CBD oil!