Balancing bodywork for chronic pain management, pregnancy, and postpartum. 

What Is Balanced Bodyworks?

Sarah Feinstein, CMT is the owner and sole therapist of Balanced Bodyworks. She primarily incorporates a combination of trigger/motor point therapy, acupressure, deep tissue, and fascial release techniques in a bodywork session. Sarah uses these techniques to help those with chronic pain, as well as those experiencing aches and pains during their pregnancy and postpartum period.

Sarah is a great addition to your pain management team and/or to your pregnancy and postpartum care.

Please visit this page for a more information on corrective bodywork sessions.

Massage For Pain Relief

The intention of a massage for a person with chronic pain is making space, relaxing, and relieving muscle tension in the body. Sarah works with fascial connections throughout the body as well as trigger points, acupressure points, and motor points to achieve these results. Many chronic pain clients will be glad to hear that Sarah also uses CBD oil during sessions for maximum efficacy. 

Prenatal Massage

Similar to a normal bodywork session, but infused with specialized prenatal techniques that focus more on classic pregnancy related aches and pains. Besides pain relief, another goal for a prenatal massage is to help balance the body for optimal fetal positioning and an easier birth. Sarah also sees women during their labors and births when the moment calls for it. 

Postpartum Massage

Everyone should consider adding a bodywork session to their postpartum care plan! A wonderful way to celebrate the end of a journey, while getting your body the much deserved rest and healing it needs. 

Ready For A Balanced Bodywork Session?

The best way to book a session is by contacting Sarah for an appointment. Please fill out a New Client Intake Form prior to your appointment.